Paint Transfer Removal

Paint Transfer Removal is needed when there are Paint scuffs or Paint Transfer can happen any time your vehicle collides with another object and paint comes off onto your car. While it can be very unsightly often times it can be removed and your car paint can be returned to its original luster.

Paint Transfer Removal Tampa Florida

The process of Paint Transfer Removal is not overly complicated or lengthy if you know what you are doing. Your detailer will start by cleaning the affected area to begin determining how much damage has been done and if there are any deep scratches to the paint. For most minor paint transfer.. Because you now have the paint from the object that you hit is now on your car while it is very unsightly and frustrating .  this is a fairly simple process that involves softening the paint that was transferred to the car and then cleaning it away restoring the original paint underneath . For more information or to schedule an appointment contact us or visit our contact page for more details

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